Thursday, August 16, 2007

# 23 Summary of the 23 Things

Well, I did it! I have completed the 23 things. I have experienced new technology that I had not be exposed to before. I would have never known about this technology had it not been for the 23 Things offered through our library system. Thank you to all of the individuals who have had a hand in putting it all together. I enjoy some well most of the 23 things. I would like to continue to use Flickr, YouTube, and Overdrive. I may even set up a blog for private use. There is only so much time in a day for computer work, knitting, and genealogy. Genealogy could be an all day thing itself. I would love to be able to knit ALL day, oh the projects I could complete. Life moves on and time does not slow down for anyone or anything. The technologies may be able to assist in making life easier but takes time to set up and maintain. Learning new things whether technology or something about yourself is always a challenge. I believe learning should never stop of anyone.

# 22 e-books

What a neat thing. This would be so easy to download e-books. It is just a matter of spending time to search for a title and download onto a device. This is so portable take it to the beach, airplane, passenger in the back seat. I would even listen to an e-book while knitting. It is wonderful that companies out there in cyber space offer such a product. Technology has surely advanced over the years. I just wonder what new technology will be around in say 10 years or even 5 years from now.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

# 21 Podcasting

Where is the picture? I have never been one to like radio talk shows. This podcasting falls right in there for radio talk show. Although the knitting podcasts are not interesting to me without the video, I need pictures. I tried genealogy podcast and it seems that it holds my interest more than the knitting did. I guess videos and pictures are not necessary with genealogy. It is interesting to hear about others and their adventures. It is kinda like a telephone call instead of face to face, when you don't know what to look at when things get boring or don't relate to anything. I noticed that the podcasting does not tell you how long it is. I don't know whether I will be listening for 2 minutes or 25 minutes. It does not matter but I keep wondering if the topic or cast will get any better or how much longer kinda thing.

# 20 Discover YouTube

YouTube has everything, well almost everything. I was fascinated by the number of knitting videos on there. The link will or should show you continental knitting, something I will try tonight. I hope this link works
It worked for me, yeah. This will be a challenging way to knit.

# 19 Explore Web 2.0 award winners

The internet is such a remarkable tool. I explored Craigslist. It has many different directions that you could go and explore. It seems to be a great way to sell or research something that you my consider purchasing or selling. I was surprised to see the forums for discussions. So much variety and something for everyone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

# 18 online productivity

Alright, another user name and password, another, okay...I liked the google doc, or should I say I only logged in and looked the google docs. Very interesting to be able to have such a powerful tool so close even when on vacation or on business. I wonder though, are we getting to dependent on computers to have such ease of access and portability? We are becoming so trusting of computers that could decide not to work at any given moment. Hum...that is a thought!

# 17 Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki

So I clicked on something, named something "rather be knitting". I then look for my page of "rather be knitting" and not my blog by that same name, but just the page and did not find it anywhere. I found in comments that I was currently logged into Marylandlibrariessandbox so I added a comment about playing in the sand on the beach and sandbox in general. I have not added my blog to the favorites list. Well I think that is what it said to do but was unsuccessful. Onto #18...